EEL4720/5721 - Reconfigurable Computing (Fall 2012)


Changed due date of final project to Dec 7, 11:55 pm.

Midterm 2 has been moved to Monday, Dec 3. EDGE students will have from Dec 3-5.

Final project information updated with due date and potential problems.

Lab0 instructions have been updated to include a description of what files should be submitted

Tuesday office hours have changed to period 4 (10:40).


Fundamental concepts at advanced undergraduate level (EEL4720) and introductory graduate level (EEL5721) in reconfigurable computing based upon advanced technologies in field-programmable logic devices. Topics include general concepts, device architectures, design tools, metrics and kernels, system architectures, and application case studies.

Course Information


Lab 3 Discussion
Date Topic Slides/Reading Material
W, Aug 22 Course info, Intro to RC Slides
Paper: Compton, Hauck Survey
F, Aug 24 VHDL Tutorial, Combinational Logic Tutorial
M, Aug 27 VHDL Tutorial, Combinational Logic
W, Aug 29 VHDL Tutorial, Sequential Logic, Structural Descriptions
F, Aug 31 VHDL Tutorial, FSMs, FSMDs, FSM+Ds Lab 1 assigned, see lab page
W, Sep 5 Device Comparisons Slides
F, Sep 7 RC Architectures Slides
Virtex 4 User Guide
Virtex 5 User Guide
M, Sep 10 RC Architectures, Cont.
W, Sep 12 RC Architectures, Cont.
Testbench Discussion
F, Sep 14 Nallatech Tutorial, Lab 2 Nallatech Slides
M, Sep 17 Optimization Problems Slides
W, Sep 19 RT Synthesis, Placement, and Routing Slides
Papers: Placement/Routing, Pathfinder, Versatile Place+Route (VPR)
F, Sep 21 RT Synthesis, Placement, and Routing, Cont.
For-generate VHDL statement
M, Sep 24 Lab 3
W, Sep 26 Pipelining, Parallelism, Systolic Arrays Slides
F, Sep 28 Pipelining, Parallelism, Systolic Arrays, Cont. Papers:
A Quantitative Analysis of the Speedup Factors of FPGAs over Processors
The Density Advantage of Configurable Computing
M, Oct 1 Pipelining, Parallelism, Systolic Arrays, Cont.
W, Oct 3 Lab 4
F, Oct 5 Midterm 1 Review
M, Oct 8 Lab 4 Glue Logic discussion, VHDL arrays See delay example in my tutorial.
W, Oct 10 Midterm 1
F, Oct 12 Metastability, Clock-Domain Crossing Papers
M, Oct 15 Metastability, Clock-Domain Crossing, Lab 5
W, Oct 17 Lab 5
F, Oct 19 Midterm 1 Discussion, Buffering Slides
Paper 1
Paper 2
M, Oct 22 Buffering, Cont. Sliding-Window Paper
W, Oct 24 Final Project Discussion
F, Oct 26 Final Project Discussion (SRAM Interfaces)
M, Oct 29 Final Project Discussion (Pipeline, Signal Buffer, Kernel Buffer)
W, Oct 31 High-level Synthesis Slides
F, Nov 2 High-level Synthesis, Cont.
M, Nov 5 High-level Synthesis, Cont.
W, Nov 7 High-level Synthesis, Cont.
W, Nov 14 High-level Synthesis, Cont.
F, Nov 16 High-level Synthesis, Cont.
Hw/Sw Partitioning
Hw/Sw Partitioning Slides
System Level Hardware/Software Partitioning Based on Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search
An Evaluation of Bipartitioning Techniques
M, Nov 26 Hw/Sw Partitioning, Cont.
2-process FSMD examples
2-process FSMD code
W, Nov 28 2-process FSMD examples
F, Nov 30 Midterm Review

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